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[Pinned] Guild text chat (Slack)

We are moving our formal guild chat from google hangouts to Slack. This allows us better control over chat moderation, inviting and kicking users, and it also allows us to have some offshoot chats for game specific banter.JoiningTo join our new c...
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[Pinned] Suggestion box!
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[Pinned] Suggestion box!

If you have any suggestions for the website, or if there are technical issues you need to bring up, post them here. If it's something I can do something about, I'll let you know. If not, I'll try to get in contact with Shivtr about it. Feedback...
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[Pinned] Shivtr Website How-To: Otherwise known as how the heck do I use this site?

Welcome to Kabal!This is a brief overview of the features of our website, hosted by Shivtr (formerly MMO Guildsites).TABLE OF CONTENTS:Click a link below to be taken to that section of the guide. How to join our site Shivtr Features Formatting tex...
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GW2 Helpful/Informative Links Thread

Alright, it may be because I stayed up way to late doing t3fractals and so my mind isn't entirely here, but after searching the forums for a relevant helpful link thread I was unable to find one. So unless someone points to another location where ...
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Discord and You! Voice Chatting with your fellow Guildies!

Hey guys! We are a multigaming community and want to make everyone aware of our discord channel. Discord is a VOIP program that we use as a guild to keep in touch with our members in and out of game. It’s not only a gathering place for when you ...
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